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Why don't you vote with your wallet and go shop somewhere else?

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I would like to put in my 2 cents here about the log barn and as a neutral person and as a Tour Guide who has brought people here what I think. I cannot comment on the accusations of the repackaging or therun ins witht the law or those things . Only what I see when I show up.

Positives . Friendly service, beautiful and interesting as an attraction. Tourists love the decor, the historical memorabilia and the animals. Plus they can buy stuff they can't get elsewhere. Good place for bathrooms too. No questions asked. Ie they don't say oh if you are not buying you can't use the bathrooms.

Negatives: over over over priced everything. The story of the rotten fruit on the bottom has happened to me before. As a guide they give us a measely cheapo 20% discount. ( not much gratitude for the business we give them. The fruit is not always local and hVe lied to me outright about it. Have often seen flies trapped inside the meat window. And not just once but 80% of the times I have been through. As for the meats and sauces being "fake" repackaged well the proof is in the legal action that was taken. It speaks for itself. Also I was kind of scammed on a purchase of sausage. The guy said " yeah you can take 2 for the road" what he failed to tell me was that it was more expensive that way
It cost $16 for 2 but cost $36 for 6. My 20% discount was turned to nothing

I am becoming more and more dissappinted with the stop and feel the negatives are outweighing the positives. Might not stop there anymore and will be advising other tour guides.

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As Gripevine is a site for resolution, Gripes need to be complaints that are based on a specific experience the user had with the company - providing a clear outline of their issue and an expectation for resolution.

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Armstrong, BC
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