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Exede/Wildblue product and customer service sucks

I received a mailing from Viasat extolling the virtues of their new Exede satellite internet service. When I called to inquire, a sales lady told me all the virtues of their service and explained how much faster their 12 megabit service would be in place of my 3 meg DSL. I agreed to the service and installation was arranged. When it was finally up and running the service was painfully slow, to the point of being unusable. I spoke to a customer service person about the poor speed he informed me that it was normal for web pages to take 1 to 2 minutes to load and that the problem was the satellite latency. I am now being held to a two year contract even though Viasat was aware that I was moving from 3 meg DSL to supposedly get faster speed. I think that this is deliberately preying on the inexperience of the public. When viewing the company's own forums, they are filled with dissatisfied customers who have been duped just like I was. Someone needs to put a stop to this practice. There is certainly a place for this service in extreme rural areas, but this service will be slower than anything other than dial-up. They need to tell this to potential customers rather that presenting only the 12 mb speed.


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We have Wildblue and not only is it slow, the threshold limit policy is terrible. We pay $80/month for 1.5 mbps with a 17gb threshold. My daughter is doing online schooling because of a kidney transplant. This involves watching teachers through video and download assignments and resources. We apparently were over our threshold and a FAP warning was sent out...later we were slowed down because we were "over the limit". After calling WildBlue they had no proof we were over the limit and couldn't look back at the threshold records to tell me the date we went over. I was told that this is all done electronically and there is no way there was a mistake. You sure don't get what you pay for with WildBlue, but as we live in a rural area, choices are slim to none. Avoid unless necessary.

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