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"All Toyotas Burn Engine Oil!" and "Burning 1 Litre of Engine Oil in 1000 kms is normal!!"

These are the responses I have received from dealing with Toyota Canada Inc. via Pickering Toyota Dealership. So lets start my gripe from the beginning:

Having maintained my car regularly at Toyota dealerships, I was surprised to get an “Engine Oil Pressure Light” half way through my maintenance schedule. I brought my car into the Pickering Toyota Dealership, where a consumption test was initiated. Following that, I spoke with Tanya Horne (Service Advisor) who informed me that my engine oil level was down 1.5 L, and asked I be back after another 1000 km for a follow up.

After returning in 1000 km, the technician at the dealership verifies that my newly-purchased-off-the-lot 2009 Camry was in fact burning oil, as he had to top it again. Tanya Horne assured me that the car was in fact burning oil, and that she will contact the Toyota Warranty department and the Dealership Manager, to proceed with the next steps in resolving the matter. After a week, Tanya called to say there is nothing she can do about it, as the manager had informed her that ALL TOYOTA CAMRYS BURN OIL, and this car is within the BURNING LIMITS, and that the dealership will not take responsibility for this issue.

With this I decide to take my future business with Toyota elsewhere, as I was shocked at the response I received for a car that was well within its warranty, where the issue could have been resolved easily; and reached out to an independent garage for a second opinion regarding the matter.

I received a complete new oil change from an independent garage, and noted the oil levels had been topped up. Following up, I was UTTERLY SHOCKED when the mechanic had informed me that my new Camry had taken only 4017 km to burn the ENTIRE oil in the reservoir, leaving the dipstick completely dry. Toyota recommends an oil change every 8000 kilometers, so I fail to understand how this issue is still within the “BURNING OIL LIMITS” of Toyota.

TOYOTA if you are going to provide a warranty, at least live up to it when problems arise, instead of giving us the run around until the warranty expires and then providing costly solutions to the customer.

Toyota Engine Problems - http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/toyota_engine.html

Toyota Camry (2007-2012) - Excessive Engine Oil Consumption Complaints -

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I agree with you that there is something wrong with the engine on your car. I have never come across any car that burns that much oil

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I don't know if this will help you but we had the same problem with a Mercury Topaz quite a few years ago and the dealership finally discovered that there was a crack in the engine block that was causing the oil to burn up and vanish!
We ended up getting a new engine block under the warranty. You might want to get this checked out just in case.

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Thanks Muffinzetti,

Problem is - it is burning Engine Oil. I reported it to Toyota well before the 100,000 km warranty; at 87000, then at 91000, and 92000 km. Toyota Canada Inc. failed to acknowledge the problem then, and now that it is at 107,000 km. They finally verified the burning issue at 106,000, but NOW are trying to pass the cost of repair to me as a so called "Goodwill Gesture" where they cover 60%, dealership covers 20%, and the final 20% I pay since it is out of warranty!

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I think you need to escalate this with Toyota Canada. Pickering Toyota Dealership is lying to you and trying to deceive you making false claims about the Toyota Camry. Toyota Canada won't stand for that.

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For the most part Toyotas are above average but for those that are not Toyota Canada needs a swift kick between the big toes. The company wants to stiff long term loyal customers and it will come back to haunt them!

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Sadly some of the people that rely on the dealership and use Toyota's 8000km guidelines are probably not even aware that they are burning engine oil, until it becomes significantly apparent closer to the 100,000 warranted kilometers.

For all Toyota owners out there - CHECK YOUR DIPSTICK LEVEL before your get our oil changed at the dealership, especially if you have 2007-2012 Toyota Camry. Your new Toyota should not burn any engine oil! My other 96 Toyota Corolla consumes hardly anything, which is ridiculous when comparing it to a 2009 Toyota .

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Toyota Camry (2007-2012) - Excessive Engine Oil Consumption Complaints -

Ummm...Hopefully you didn't void the warranty by telling them that you took it elsewhere for service. Ganbate kudasai!

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I took my car elsewhere for servicing after Toyota refused to back up its warranty, and verify the problem. People save your money, buy a used car. Buy earlier models which were built to last.

Don't expect just because you purchased something new of the lot, and paid premiums of getting it serviced through them, you received professional "Toyota" servicing which holds your warranty intact. At the end of the day they have YOUR money, and that's how they want to keep it.

Toyota Camry [2009] BURNS engine oil, and apparently that is of no concern to Toyota Canada.

*-* Still no resolution ! *-*

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If it's still burning oil, like my 2002 highlander was, guarantee you're looking at an expensive engine job down the road. I was told the same thing you were - normal burning amounts - until the check engine light started flashing and my very trusted mechanic broke things down and informed me the #2 cylinder was shot, and I could either replace the engine or rebuild the cylinder. Either way a $4000 job - and only 200000km on the engine. That's a lot of kms, sure, but wouldn't we expect and ENGINE to last at least 250000 miles? Don't trust Toyota engines - buy a Honda.

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What blows me away is this company gets away with flowery ratings from CR and then we read stuff like this. You think for a minute GM would get away without bad publicity? Nissan had a similar issue with the 02-06 series of Altima and others that had the 2.5 engine, Nissan came good for it, the brand of rings they used was bad. A friend had a good experience with them. brand new engine and a loaner for 2 days.

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It's still burning engine oil. Still no resolution from Toyota or from Gripevine either. :o(
This will be the last Toyota I will ever own.

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What was the end result of this? I drive a 2009 Toyota Matrix and there is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) out about the pistons in my engine causing oil consumption. I had to check my VIN number against the one's that are part of the TSB, and I believe that the Camry was a part of the same one. I also know there is a class action suit against Toyota over the 2007 Camry I believe? For this exact problem.

Anyway I am facing the same problem as you, my engine is burning through 2 litres of oil between oil changes (1/2 litre per 2,000 kms). They are saying that is completely normal oil consumption. I escalated it to Toyota Canada and was continually told that my engine is acting normally.

Last month I filed a small claims lawsuit against my local dealership and Toyota Canada. A judge will make them fix my car, I am sure of it. I am at 99,000 KM's and have been taking my car in regularly for oil consumption reports since it was at about 93,000 kms. I too will never drive a Toyota again. I am really interested in what they did end up doing with your car though. Let me know. Thx.

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I am also one of the victims. Alicia156: "I also know there is a class action suit against Toyota over the 2007 Camry I believe? For this exact problem." How do I join forces with the class action lawsuit?

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My 2010 Camry has not had a drop of oil added to it between services, it now has 97000 Km on the clock.
My previous Camry (2002) never had a drop of oil added to it between services, it was sold with close to 300 000Km.
Both Camry's were mine from new, don't accept the fairytale that "all Toyota's burn oil."

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