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Dr. Edith Glassberg hides Lung & Colon Cancer from an Injured worker!

While being seen by my new treating physician named Dr. Yasmeen Mall Wengrow, I was referred to the Pulmonary Department of Kaiser Permanente in Fremont. This is where I would meet one of the cruelest doctor’s I would ever meet the doctor’s name was Edith Andrea Glassberg.
Dr. Glassberg started out acting as though she cared, but really she had her own agenda and it was about making a buck off an injured worker.
When I first met with her I explain my Respiratory Injury to her and that I had worked for a company that did not provide a Respirator that was for Pest Control Use and I suffered from Chemical Exposure.
Immediately she scheduled me to take a Pulmonary Function Test on August 13th, 2007, it is also known as Spirometry Test. But the first thing she did was send me to do a CT scan on August 3rd, 2007.
When the CT scan was done, it showed that I had a very large Tumor in the Transverse part of my Colon, which is where most of the Colon Cancers are started from. But when the Radiologist named Dr. Laure Mazzara reviewed the Ct scan and wrote a Radiology Report, she ignored the Tumor in the Transverse Colon and acted like it wasn’t even there. Then on the report she stated that there was a “9mm Subplueral Cyst in the Superior Segment of the Right Lower Lobe” and put down that the remainder of the “Lung Parenchyma is Normal”. She also stated that the “Bronchus shows Normal Caliber”.
Dr. Laure Mazzara was attempting to hide Colon Cancer, which was a work injury that I sustained while working at Clark Pest Control. This injury was due to their lack of Respiratory Protection.
In the next few pages you will see how obvious it is that Kaiser Permanente deliberately hid my Colon Cancer from me to benefit Clark Pest Control.

Later on in this book I will show how Kaiser Permanente went back and fixed their tracks and replaced some of my medical files in 2010 and 2011. I will have a whole section on Kaiser Permanente Fraud & Medical Malpractice.

Not too many people that are radiologist could even miss something this huge in the Transverse Colon. It’s about the size of a quarter.

Then a week later I was scheduled to do a Spirometry Test at Kaiser Permanente in Fremont, where the results of the tests showed that I had a “Moderate Restrictive Defect”. I actually left with a copy of the original report and I now had clear evidence that I had sustained a Respiratory Injury at Clark Pest Control.

My intent was to now have my Respiratory Claim that was denied by Fraud overturned. So I went to Kaiser Occupational Health in San Francisco, because Dr. Ramon Garcia recommended a Chemical Exposure Specialist there named Dr. Linda Morse. I called and set up an appointment to see her a few times and each time I set up an appointment, when I got there she was nowhere to be found. It was like it was a big joke to them. I had called and even received confirming phone calls before the appointment by the San Francisco Occupational Health secretary. But when I got there, on all 3 occasions, Dr. Linda Morse was not there.

So I was seen by another doctor who informed me that my Spirometry Test at Kaiser Permanente had been changed 13 days after the test. That the results were changed from a “Moderate Restrictive Defect” to a “Mild Restrictive Defect”, I was absolutely shocked by the change.

So I decided to call several Pulmonary Doctors around the United States and every single one of them that I called said it was unheard of that a doctor would change a result from a test like that 13 days after the test. They all said that if the results needed to be changed then the doctor should have just did a brand new Spirometry Test.

The doctor that changed the test was Dr. Richard Thomas Kreck, who didn’t just change the test results, but the actual figures themselves.

Then Dr. Glassberg made it a point to lie on her report and make a previous Spirometry Test that I took from 2004, not seem as good as it was. She also lied about the results of the test that was taken and when her and Dr. Kreck changed the results of the August 13th, 2007 Spirometry Test, they deleted the original from my files at Kaiser Permanente medical file.

So after I provided proof to the San Jose Workers Compensation Appeals Board that my Respiratory Injury Claim against Clark pest Control should have never been denied. The Industrial Relations Division of Workers Compensation decided to make sure that Kaiser Permanente would hide the Respiratory Injury and that it would not be documented.

Make no mistake about it, Clark Pest Control took part in it and probably paid big money to the Judges at the WCAB and Kaiser Permanente to have my Respiratory Injury hidden as well.

I am also sure that Kaiser Permanente and the WCAB did this on at least 500 other Clark Pest Control injury cases as well.

Keep in mind that Kaiser Permanente gives their doctors bonuses for keeping the medical expenses down on every patient. The doctor get very large retirement bonuses for doing this.

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