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Customer Service FAIL!

So my current web hosting provider tells me that they are doing a server upgrade. Here is the information directly from their blog:
Service affected: All services hosted on Panelbox servers s006, s007, s008, s009, s010, s011, s012, s013
Maintenance window: Between Monday, December 10th 2012 1 p.m. to Thursday December 13th 2012 1 p.m. (Eastern time)
Downtime: Less than 30 minutes for all services (mail, databases, websites, control panel)

Note 1: During the period of the interruption, a message will be displayed on your website to indicate that a maintenance is in progress.

Note 2: An email message was sent to all customers hosted on these servers to warn them of the maintenance.

As informed in the email we wish to let the clients hosted on the servers previously mentioned know that the server will be completely changed with brand new hardware and a major software update, allowing us to continue providing you with high quality performance servers.

You have no intervention to perform on your end. We do not anticipate your websites to have any problems after the servers maintenance. However, we recommend you review your website afterwards to make sure everything works as it should.

So ... at 8am on December 11, 2012 all of my websites hosted on their servers stopped working. All of my emails were not sending or receiving. I was unable to log into any webmail client. No pretty little "WEBSITE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE" appeared on my websites. Only a lovely MYSQL Database error for most was displayed.

After creating a support ticket, it went unanswered for most of the day until I received a terse response that things were working and my ticket was auto closed. A quick check, showed that they were not working. A few hours later, again a terse message saying they were all working. No such luck. 12 Hours later (and counting)... I've heard nothing from support. No emails work .... and most websites don't work. No customer support can be reached by phone or online chat .. and no response by email.

This is unacceptable service. Avoid this company!

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