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Checkmated by Toyland Company and the game was Checkers not Chess!

In mid August 2012 I was preparing to launch a chess education company for children by promoting it at a teacher's conference later that month. I wanted a promotional item to give to teachers visiting my booth and I immediately thought of Toyland as I had dealt with them on many occasions in the past.

Their sales representative recommended what he described as a magnetic chess and checkers travel game. The chess and checkers playing pieces were magnetic and could be stored in the folding game board when not in use. Based on his description and recommendation, I thought this would be the perfect chess-related give-a-way for the conference so I ordered 288 units.

I was quite disappointed to find out, when my order arrived, that the product that had been recommended to me and described as a chess and checkers game contained only checkers playing pieces. As such, it was totally useless for its intended purpose, promoting my new chess education company!

When my concern was brought to Toyland, they did agree to give me a credit for my order and they did pay for return shipping. However, they would not offer me a credit for the outgoing shipping and this really ticked me off as I had purchased the product specifically based on their sales representative's description and recommendation.

Adding to my frustration of having received an erroneous product description/recommendation was the fact that the product was also incorrectly identified on the Toyland web site as a Chess and Checkers game and the cardboard boxes that the games arrived in were also incorrectly labelled as "Chess and Checker."

The sticking point seems to be that I paid to have the order shipped via UPS and not their usual couriers of choice, Canpar or Greyhound. I did so as I had feared their couriers would be too slow and might not be able to deliver my order from Vancouver, BC to Windsor, ON in time for my conference.

Both Toyland and I agree that UPS was the more expensive choice, however, we disagree on my deserving a credit for the outgoing shipping fee.

As such, I am proposing a compromise that would resolve my gripe to my satisifaction. I would agree to a credit for the outgoing shipping fee in the amount that it would have cost Toyland to send the order by Canpar.

I think this is a reasonable as I had ordered the product SPECIFICALLY based on their description/recommendation and I had made the decision to use the more expensive courier.

In addition, I would like Toyland to correct their website and packaging so that this product is properly identified and no other consumer will be mislead like I was. They should also inform all of their sales reps that this product has been improperly described as a chess and checkers game when it in fact is only a checkers game.

Gripvine, please help me successfully get to the end game in this matter!



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I love chess.

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