The Brick Head Office

16930-114 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5M 3S2, Canada
Phone: (514) 695-9249
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11 hours 17 min ago

I purchased the samsung waterwall dishwasher. It is not functioning properly. Stops continuously at the normal cycle and express cycle. I have contacted the...

1 day 14 hours ago

My wife and I purchased a living room set from the brick in Anjou quebec.First of all starting with the service on the floor horrible ,suggest you change...

3 days 2 hours ago

Two years ago we purchased a sectional with four recliners chairs in this sectional. With the five year blanket warranty. Before one year three of the...

3 days 10 hours ago

I recently purchased a 4 piece bedroom set at the Brick and have had nothing but the worst customer service and delivery experience since i purchased the...

3 days 21 hours ago

I have shopped at the brick for many years with no issues,but never again.My lady and I spent over $5,000 for bedroom furnature and a dinigroom table and...

1 week 9 hours ago

I spent $1,400 on a glass dining set - one it's glass and I seriously overpaid. Two, it was scheduled to be delivered on Friday the 5th, I called in on the...

1 week 1 day ago

I purchased a chaise sofa to which I bought the extended warranty on. They came in to fix it three times in under a year and a half. I finally had enough...

1 week 6 days ago

I recently bought thousands of dollars worth of furniture at The Brick.... fridge, stove, mattress, leather furniture, recliner, two new lamps, pillows,...

2 weeks 2 days ago

On July 29th 14, I have purchased worth of around CND 7000 furniture from Toronto Weston Rd store, located by the 401 and Weston Rd. Invoice # 072044N0602...

3 weeks 14 min ago

I bought an item with invoice 082741B1018001 from this store, i would want the management of the bricks to take a look at the customer service in this...


Latest Comments

2 days 8 hours ago

Wish i read this before i bought my mattress there.
What a horrible company. I guess no one told them they have competition.

4 weeks 1 day ago

Thanks, the company I was referring to is The Brick.

4 weeks 1 day ago

Interestingly that the name of the company your complaining about doesn't appear within your gripe. One shouldn't have to search for such information.

1 month 1 week ago

I had disgusting demeaning behaviour too this week. Today, I sent an email to the head office, jimcaldwell@... more

1 month 1 week ago

We also have had a very poor dealing with The BRICK here in Terrace and more so with "Tony" the manager. After making a $6,000 purchase we were promised the... more

1 month 2 weeks ago


Gemma Gripester
1 month 2 weeks ago

Hello lalansite,

Thanks for joining the Resolution Revolution! Gripevine is building a community where consumers with legitimate customer care issues... more

1 month 2 weeks ago

still waiting for a reply. still not resolved. accidently press Resolved

1 month 2 weeks ago

Sunday July 27th we returned to the Brick (L'Acadie) one of the saleman said the Store Mgr was not present, then another salesman pointed him.
The... more

1 month 3 weeks ago


If this may help, I've had to be peristent in order to obtain service. My husband and I had to missed so many half days of work due to the... more


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