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AT&T: “We Don't Have To Provide Service EVERYWHERE".

“We Don't Have To Provide Service EVERYWHERE". This is the response that I have received at every level of AT&T when I complained about the poor mobile service at my home. I was a customer of a local provider, Centennial Wireless, and had exceptional service for several years. AT&T bought out the company and my service deteriorated to the point that I had to go outside my home and find a "Sweet Spot" in my yard to make or receive calls. Customer service told me that the problem was due to the fact that Centennial's equipment was old and that they were upgrading it to handle the additional traffic required for the increase in customers. I worked with them for over a year and the service did not improve. A word of advice to anyone when making complaints about service: Make sure that the complaints are recorded in the companies system. The employees that I talked to did not do their job and record my concerns, so the company said that I did not complain a sufficient number of times to document that there was a problem.
I cancelled my service October 2012 after a discussion with the local store manager when he told me that the poor service was actually due to the fact that AT&T had decommissioned some of Centennial's towers and that they knew some customers would be affected. He told me that they had no plans to do anything about it.
I was hit with a $215 termination fee after transferring my service to Sprint. Who just for the record, provides excellent service inside and outside my home. When I challenged the termination fee because of the poor connectivity provided by AT&T, I was told that I should read my contract. Specifically the part that states: -"We Don't Have To Provide Service EVERYWHERE" The bottom line is that AT&T refuses to forgive the termination fee and within two months has turned over my account to a collection company, who is now threatening to ruin my credit rating.
Shame on AT&T for not being truthful about the real reason for my poor service. I guess that I should apologize for expecting to be able to make calls from my home, since their contract states that they do not have to provide that service. I have paid the $215 to AT&T so that I don't have to waste my time discussing this with their robot service representatives who are only able to repeat the talking points that they receive in training. Perhaps they can use some of the time that they would have spent on harassing me with some training on common sense and the virtues of being truthful with their customers.


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They are correct as terrible as it seems. They can't provide service everywhere, it would be impossible since you have to be close to the tower so they would have to cover the entire world with closely spaced towers! You could have put up a booster with an antenna on the roof for better reception or just used wi-fi over the internet. If you want to check coverage go to the OpenSignalMaps dot com website then choose a state and scroll around to your location and select the provider and type of service you are interested in, whether it's 2G voice and text or 3G/4G for data. There's also an OpenSignalMaps app that lets you see what kind of towers are located around you and checks to see what protocol is being used for the connection as well as checking the speed.

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So how long have you been employed by AT&T Laddie? If you would have read my complaint, you would have seen that I had service with the company that they bought out. It was only after AT&T decommissioned some of the towers that my service went to hell. By removing the towers they breached the contract since they removed my mobile service. I understand that they can not provide service "EVERYWHERE", but this is my home where I use the service the majority of the time. AT&T also told me that I could install a booster for an additional $200 with no guarantee that it would improve my reception. Why should I spend the money due to the detrimental action of AT&T? Verizon and Sprint work fine without a booster. And about the use of the internet. Sorry, but I'm a half mile off that road so I don't have cable or land line service. Maybe AT&T can schedule one of those common sense classes for you that I suggested.

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