Gripevine was created from a passion to improve the customer service experience. Richard Hue, a successful entrepreneur who specializes in startups wanted to provide a neutral, fair and level playing field where consumers and companies can come together to work out their differences and arrive at successful resolutions to common consumer complaints.


For Consumers

As a consumer, we believe that your voice does matter and companies really do care; but sometimes that message isn't so apparent as your complaint gets lost in the system or simply not dealt with properly from the start.  You can use Gripevine to tell your story. If you had a bad experience with a company and couldn't get them to make it right, you can add a little leverage by publishing your story here.  We'll ensure that it gets to the right people - the decision makers at the company who have the power to set things right. Our automated response technology will notify the company and invite them to the site to review your gripe, giving you both a second opportunity to work towards a positive resolution.

If the company doesn't respond right away, you can invite your social network friends and followers to provide support, which they can do by clicking on the share buttons for the social networks listed under the title on your public gripe. The more times your gripe is viewed and the more people you share it with, the more the company will be motivated to work with you to resolve your issue.

Once they do respond, you can communicate with them in public (on the comment thread on your gripe) or in private, using the private messaging system accessible through your members' dashboard.

When you've successful resolved your gripe, you'll be free to rate the quality of their customer service. Your rating contributes directly to the Customer Satisfaction Index visible on every company's public profile page on Gripevine, and helps other consumers see which companies have the best customer service.

As a member of Gripevine, you'll earn credibility points for various positive actions you take on the site. Helping other members with useful comments, supporting other members' gripes, sharing gripes, rating companies, writing follow up stories, and flagging abusive or inappropriate comments are all examples of actions that will increase your credibility. The higher your credibility, the more trust company representatives will have that your gripes are legitimate and that you're acting in good faith, and the easier it'll be to get to resolutions.

If you've got a gripe with Gripevine - here's our business profile page, where you can submit a gripe about us.  We'll respond to it right away!

For Businesses

To find out what Gripevine can do for your business and to claim your free business account, click here to read our business overview.